Entertainment 2018
Discos / Entertainment
Discos start at 8pm
Kids entertainers / workshops start at 8.30pm
Cabarets start at 9.30pm
Fridays - Doors open at 8pm, last tickets 8.30pm
Weekends - Doors open at 6pm, last tickets 6.45pm
School Holidays - Bingo every night, doors open 6pm, last tickets 6.45pm.

10th MarchRick Davidson - Vocalist
17th MarchMark Harris - Vocalist
24th MarchGilda Kristian
30th MarchFrumpid Stumplestone
31st MarchVouge - Madonna Tribute

1st AprilPete Valentine as George Michael
2nd AprilRock and Roll Bingo
3rd AprilKaraoke
4th AprilKids Game Show & Entertainment Night!
5th AprilKids Workshop
6th AprilJolly Dizzy The Clown
7th April2Che
8th AprilWrestling
9th AprilRock and Roll Bingo
10th AprilKaraoke
11th AprilKids Game Show & Entertainment Night!
12th AprilKids Workshop
13th AprilReg-e-mental
14th AprilGary emanuel
21st AprilOwen Vaughn
28th AprilBen Lambert

4th May
5th MayBootleg Bee Gees
6th MayThe Brothers Blue
12th MayForever Whitney
19th MayStevie One
25th May
26th MaySilvertones
27th MayTypically Tina
28th MayRock and Roll Bingo
29th MayKaraoke
30th MayKids Game Show & Entertainment Night!
31st MayKids Workshop

1st JuneMickey The Magician
2nd JuneMarc Dillon as Michael Buble
9th JuneStay - Frankie Valli
16th JuneABBA Magic
23rd JuneMizz Pink
30th JuneFor The Love of Luthor Tribute

7th JulyDolly Parton 9 to 5
14th JulySo Taylor
20th July
21st JulyGary Goodmaze - Tribute to Freddie Mercury
22nd JulyWrestling
23rd JulyRock and Roll Bingo
24th JulyKaraoke
25th JulyKids Game Show & Entertainment Night!
26th JulyKids Workshop
27th JulyTony Strange
28th JulySkatonics
29th JulyWrestling
30th JulyRock and Roll Bingo
31st JulyKaraoke

1st AugustKids Game Show & Entertainment Night!
2nd AugustKids Workshop
3rd AugustHowie & The Dazman
4th AugustMaximum Robbie
5th AugustWrestling
6th AugustRock and Roll Bingo
7th AugustKaraoke
8th AugustKids Game Show & Entertainment Night!
9th AugustKids Workshop
10th AugustBusy Being Olly
11th Augustin The Mix - Little Mix Tribute
12th AugustWrestling
13th AugustRock and Roll Bingo
14th AugustKaraoke
15th AugustKids Game Show & Entertainment Night!
16th AugustKids Workshop
17th AugustHerbie Adams
18th AugustJon Fisher as Gary Barlow
19th AugustWrestling
20th AugustRock and Roll Bingo
21st AugustKaraoke
22nd AugustKids Game Show & Entertainment Night!
23rd AugustKids Workshop
24th AugustDeception
25th AugustJeff Dingle as Bruno Mars
26th AugustBrainscape - Band
27th AugustRock and Roll Bingo
28th AugustKaraoke
29th AugustKids Game Show & Entertainment Night!
30th AugustKids Workshop
31st AugustUnlikely Lads

1st SeptemberGary emanuel
2nd SeptemberWrestling
8th SeptemberMark Harris - Vocalist
15th SeptemberDean Vinyard
22nd SeptemberRick Davidson - Vocalist
29th SeptemberLaura Joely

6th OctoberBen Lambert
13th OctoberCarrie Anne
19th October
20th OctoberGilda Kristian
21st October
22nd OctoberRock and Roll Bingo
23rd OctoberKaraoke
24th OctoberKids Game Show & Entertainment Night!
25th OctoberKids Workshop
26th October
27th OctoberReggae On The Rocks (band)