Update 19th July 2021

Please see pdf for latest on Priory Club going forward into step 4

Update 25th February 2o21 13:00

Please see letter below for update on re-opening of Priory Hill & Nutts Farm.  The letter has been sent in the post to all owners

Update 8th June 2021

The Priory Club Bar has re opened and is currently operating a table service only.  The launderette is also open but with limits on people in the room. (see notice on door).  We are again operating a members only policy in the club until all restrictions have been lifted.


Entertainment will recommence from Saturday 26th June, hopefully with restrictions not in place.


Unfortunately until social distancing rules have been removed we are unable to open the swimming pool.  As soon as this is possible we will re open it.

Update 19th July 2020 11:00

The Bar/restaurant is still open from 9am for food, 10am for drinks.  The Swimming Pool remains CLOSED due to the regulations being unworkable for us.  The Launderette is now OPEN with strict social distance measures in place. We still have no live entertainment. Bingo has recommenced on Friday, Saturday & Sunday lunchtimes.  Books on sale from 1pm - 1:30pm As with the Club it is STRICTLY members only.

Update 11th July 2020 20:00

We now have the Touring Park open, the Bar & Restaurant open but at reduced hours. Currently the Swiming Pool remains closed as does the Launderette.  We will endeavour to re open as many facilities as we can, when we can.

Update 23rd June 2020 14:35

At last we can confirm we shall re open Saturday 4th July.  We will be sending out a letter to ALL owners hopefully this week.  


We will NOT be re opening the Touring Park on 4th July.  Please keep an eye out for updates on that ASAP

We look forward to seeing you on 4th! 

Update 16th June 2020 15:00

Quick Update:


We know its the million dollar question currently on everyone's lips. "When are you re-opening?"


We would love to be able to tell you the answer to that question but "currently" (and we all know how quickly this can change) We do not know the answer


Many people are guessing at a specific date in July. All we can say on that is, until we have it confirmed in writing we do not want to get anyone's hopes up.


We cannot wait for you all to return and enjoy your happy place because to us and our trade association it seems very unfair that shops have been allowed to open but holiday parks haven't.


We are currently preparing for the re-opening, compiling risk assessments and a letter to send out explaining things.


Until we are told exactly what will be expected of us and you, we cannot really send that. It may be that we have to send two letters very quickly. One explaining the new rules (when we have them issued to us) concerning the park for your safety and the safety of our staff. Then one to confirm a re-opening date.


As things can change very quickly please keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for updates. We will always send a letter but we know some people have experienced delays in receiving them.


Stay safe - See you soon!

Update 13th May 2020 0930

Please see our latest letter following the Prime Ministers address on Sunday

Update 11th May 2020 09:00

Please see our statement this morning after last nights Prime Minister statement

Update 9th April 2020 13:00

Quick update from us, hope everyone is keeping well!  Here is a quick video from us to you #staysafe 

Update 2nd April 2020 10:15

Please see attached letter sent to all owners.  If your address hasn't been updated because of moving etc please email us to update our records. We may need to send a few letters during this difficult time.  Stay safe everyone 

Update 26th March 2020 14:30

Re: Site Fee Payment date:

We are today extending the deadline to pay 2020 site fee by a minimum of three weeks during this current lockdown.  We will of cause review the situation after this period.


You can still make payments via BACS straight to our account using the following details :

A/c No 30732125 Sort Code 20-54-11


Please use your chalet/caravan number as reference eg 13 Large/ 189NF / 190PH 

Important update 24th March 2020 13:30


These are unprecedented times. We all have a responsibility to consider not just ourselves but the people of our country, the local community and the park.  

We are having to make decisions and take actions which were unimaginable a few weeks ago, therefore, we are closing Priory Hill & Nutts Farm Holiday Parks with immediate effect.  

Thank goodness for the announcements of support which have come from Government which should help us be ready to resume business just as soon as the crisis passes.

We will be making all efforts to ensure our staff are looked after during this period.    


We ask owners on the park not to stay in your chalet/caravan at this time and to be sensitive towards the views and needs of the local community and NHS.  Over the last 48 hours, there has been an increasing and understandable concern in local communities towards the owners of second homes and caravans, as well as holiday visitors. The government’s clear guidance is that there must be no unnecessary or non-essential travel.   We are following the Government’s guidance so closing to protect you and wider society.   


I urge you to co-operate at this difficult time please