Quick update:

We know its the million dollar question currently on everyone's lips. "When are you re-opening?"

We would love to be able to tell you the answer to that question but "currently" (and we all know how quickly this can change) We do not know the answer

Many people are guessing at a specific date in July. All we can say on that is, until we have it confirmed in writing we do not want to get anyone's hopes up.

We cannot wait for you all to return and enjoy your happy place because to us and our trade association it seems very unfair that shops have been allowed to open but holiday parks haven't.

We are currently preparing for the re-opening, compiling risk assessments and a letter to send out explaining things.

Until we are told exactly what will be expected of us and you, we cannot really send that. It may be that we have to send two letters very quickly. One explaining the new rules (when we have them issued to us) concerning the park for your safety and the safety of our staff. Then one to confirm a re-opening date.

As things can change very quickly please keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for updates. We will always send a letter but we know some people have experienced delays in receiving them.

Stay safe - See you soon!

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Update 23rd June 2020 ​ At last we can confirm we shall re open Saturday 4th July.  We will be sending out a letter to ALL owners hopefully this week. We will NOT be re opening the Touring Park on 4th